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With the opening ceremony on December 21st, 2017, the KOCCA Shenzhen Business Center has opened in Shenzhen, China’s largest economic special zone. By fully utilizing the merits of its location in the Shenzhen region, the Center will make its best efforts to support Korean content providers in entering into the southwestern markets of China such as Guangdong, Hongkong, Macau, etc. The KOCCA Shenzhen Business Center will also strive to operate and vitalize the center to create an ecosystem for new growth engines for startups. Also, the KOCCA Shenzhen Business Center will fully support the Korean content industry in entering into the Chinese market by offering Korean content providers with consulting services through expert mentoring groups, and providing customized business matching services as well as expanding OSMU projects based on content IPs. To realize these objectives, the Center will also make all out efforts in building networks with relevant institutions such as government institutions, private companies, and associations.

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I am Young-Joon NAM KOUNG, the director of the KOCCA Shenzhen Business Center.

With China’s policy to open its market, Shenzhen was the very first region to be designated as an economic special zone where the largest number of Chinese startup accelerators are located in. Also, based on high-technology and finance, Shenzhen is one of the hottest regions where startups can benefit from China’s policies of supporting and nurturing startups. The area is also generating new growth engines by creating connections with various industries based on content IPs.

By fully utilizing its locational merits of Shenzhen, the strategic emerging market, the KOCCA Shenzhen Business Center will strengthen its systematic support and persue diverse exports of Korean content to China to develop new markets in the southwestern region of Great China such as Guangdong, Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, etc. We will also make efforts to create a win-win business environment for Korean and Chinese content by supporting extensive business matching services such as finding convergence content and making connections with different industries; and through hub networks such as the government, associations, and accelerator centers.

Thank You.

KOCCA Shenzhen Office Director NAM KOUNG Young-Joon photo

Young-Joon NAM KOUNG, Director, KOCCA Shenzhen Business Center



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